Creamy Salmon Orecchiette


There are some days when I open the fridge and all that’s there are leftovers. If you’re like me, this is when I get the most excited because it means it’s time to get creative in the kitchen. If there’s two things I always have ready, it’s red rice and pasta (versatile and simple carbohydrates which are ready to accompany any leftovers)!

That day I had a whole lot of fish dip that would’ve gone bad, so I decided making a pasta dish was the right idea.

Note: The fish dip I use in this recipe is a slightly different dip from my original recipe. In this version I used two additional ingredients: turmeric powder and one small red onion. It really added a lot of punch to the final flavor and made an awesome base for my pasta!

What you need:

  • saucepan

  • frying pan

  • spatula

  • pasta drain

  • food processor (or chopping board & knife)

What goes in:

  • my fish dip

  • anchovies

  • red chilis

  • olive oil

  • pink salt

  • grounded black pepper

  • orecchiette (or any other pasta. I recommend something like a spiral pasta or a penne if you can’t find orecchiette)

  • italian parsley

What to do:

  1. Bring some water to a boil in the saucepan. Once boiling bring the temperature down to medium heat and add a pinch of salt and a dash of olive oil. Add in the orecchiette.

  2. Place the anchovies, red chillies, and a handful of italian parsley into a food processor. Season with pink salt and grounded pepper.

  3. Once the pasta is cooked, drain the pasta and keep a cup of the starchy water aside.

  4. Place the frying pan onto medium heat and add the red chilies and anchovy paste. Once it’s start sizzling, add in the leftover fish dip and add a dash of olive oil. Add a dash of the starchy water and using a spatula mix it in with the rest of the ingredients in the pan until it unifies as one sauce.

  5. Add in the pasta and mix it all up until all the pasta is coated well. Taste here and season with pink salt and grounded pepper if needed.

Time to devour this nutritious and delicious plate!