The Colors of Corfu


Arriving at Corfu the first thing I noticed was how different the architecture of Corfu was compared to the Italian cities I had visited on my summer adventure. The walls of Italian homes are bright and colorfully painted, but at the same time, modest and muted (not what Italians are typically known for). Not a vibrant red, like that of fresh Italian cherry tomatoes, rather an earthy shade of red which resembled the color of old red bricks. Arriving at Corfu, however, it wasn't the architecture that caught my eyes. When we arrived in Corfu, Greece the color which caught my eye the most were the colors of nature.

Quaint village named Afionas, Greece

Quaint village named Afionas, Greece

The flowers were wonderfully vibrant, the blue skies seemed more inviting than the previous cities we visited, and even the tree barks appeared more dynamic. I barely took notice of the homes or buildings, whether fortunate or not— a city’s architecture (that of man-made sculpting I may add) is what I usually notice most about a town or city, but Corfu made a different impression on me.

The natural beauty of Greece is undeniable. It’s rich soil, delicious produce and of course marvelous food, and terrific landscapes are what has placed Greece on the global radar for travel. Despite where the country is economically— unfortunately evident in the piles of rubbish scattered at trash points around Corfu, is not an accurate representation of the real beauty Greece has to offer. Certainly not of Corfu. Amongst the secluded coastlines, scattered netting to catch olives, and the occasional snake crossing the street, Corfu made a memorable impression on me (or maybe it was what we were shown, but I tend to side with optimism anyways). There was so much natural color screaming attention. There was fresh air to breathe in and of course, the delicious olives and food patiently waiting a visit. 

Note: We went on an amazing tour, which took us through hidden passages to secret spots (areas where even Corfu locals know about, so said our tour guide). I highly recommend the tour if you’re ever in Corfu.