Holiday Truths


A holiday means different things to different people, but two qualities that should be essential to a holiday is a real adoption of taking it easy and letting loose. Surprisingly, easier said than done for some. I used to stress about how much I ate or how little I worked out during my holidays, but I finally reached a point of accepting a holiday for what it is, a holiday! Here are two tips, to make a holiday worthwhile:

#1 - Take It Easy

There are some of us who enjoy working out during time off, while others find it more difficult to sweat it out while on holidays. Whether you’re the former or the latter, it really is about what fits your lifestyle. I am of the latter.

I find it incredibly difficult to motivate myself to workout during a holiday because my intent for a holiday is always to give myself a break. To me, that means giving my mind and body a break as well! Adding routine into a holiday is the opposite of what I enjoy, especially on holidays shorter than a week.

If you don’t get a workout in during a holiday, don’t sweat it! There’s no reason to feel guilty about taking a holiday (i.e. a break) while on holiday. It’s called a holiday for a reason. Unless if I’m away for more than a week, then I’ll usually do a simple 30-45 minute middle to high-intensity workout or if I am nearby a nice area to run, I’ll make the effort to go for a jog. What’s important here is to find what works for you, but don’t let any worry corrupt any part of the holiday.

If you don’t get in a workout during the holidays, then be ready to commit to a routine once the holiday is over. Rest goes a long way anyways!

#2 - Let Loose

Unless you’re on a restrictive diet due to a health condition, there’s no reason to discount your food experience while on holiday! I love food! I love tasting new food! I love discovering new food! I love eating food! I basically love everything to do with food, so whenever I am on holiday, especially to a new country or new city, I enjoy experiencing the local flavors. I can say it’s a hobby of mine.

It doesn’t mean go crazy and eat as much as I want, but what I mean is don’t be afraid to eat what each place is known for. In Italy, there was no way I could go through my holiday without eating lots of pasta and pizza. Neither could I pass on the chance to devour delicious Italian gelato, especially during a hot summer like this year's. More importantly, I allowed myself to enjoy every bite, every drop, and every lingering taste without any sense of guilt.

Here’s an important mindset, you’re on holiday! Let loose a little! I mean eating gelato every day is not what I recommended, but on a holiday, it’s really not the end of the world because what I remind myself when I am on holiday is that the holidays are temporary (unless you’re some lucky person who holidays for a living then this advice isn’t for you). My ‘routine’ or lack thereof isn’t a problem. It’s only temporary! Best of all, with adequate rest-- physically and mentally, I usually come back from a holiday even more committed and ready towards my routine.