Chasing Balance

Chasing Balance.jpg

At the end of the day balance is what I am after. In training, in meals, at work, in my week, my emotional state, my mental well-being, my relationships and friendships, time with friends, time with family, or time alone, balance is what I am seeking.

There’s no magic formula. Balance is an art of not too much or too little.

Seeking to strike the right ratio with everything around. What is that magic number? Nope, unfortunately there is none.

Balance is a daily practice that demands attention,

Balance seeks retribution if neglected.

Lose sight of it and it’ll quickly vanish into non-existence, to feed the chaos that threatens the mysterious equilibrium that’s neither right or wrong.

Balance is about a feeling, a wisdom, a virtue, it’s more than just some of this and some of that,

More than more of this or more of that,

balance is a daily practice, that takes trials and experience.

Balance is an achievement.

Balance is not a given.

Balance is what I am after.