We Are Our Mind

We Are Our Mind.jpg

Humans as a specie are mortal.

Our final fate is inevitable.

The where & when is what’s questionable.

What’s come to my attention,

Is the research that’s on the rise on occasion,

I hear there’s such a things as split brain condition,

That’s one explanation,

For this powerful mind we live with, not in condemnation,

But in complete freedom of it’s dictation.

We are in the driver’s seat, consciousness causes frictions,

With the cultural desolation, and societal expectations.

This life we’re all living, would be abdication,

if not lived out in spectacular fashion.

Life is a fleeting situation,

Grasped by the undeniable fate of time,

Oh this affliction,

We’re living life to answer the question,

Why are we here, living this life? This life in question.