What Balance Is

What Balance Is.jpg

Balance is,

Mine, hers, and his,

It’s about a connection to that self,

Who is myself?

Balance is,

What I need it to be,

It’s about what I need to be me.

Balance is,

subjective in nature,

there’s no legislature,

no real commands other than what I allow to interfere.

Whether it’s due to fear,

Or a mere hope to never depart,

apart from the dream of that equilibrium life.

At the end of the day,

Balance is about finding life’s rhythm,

Whatever that means to that individual,

No algorithms, just a way to say,

This way is my way.

What I need balance to be,

is to agree to side with me,

free from pride or prejudice,

and maybe found between some vices,

I need balance to agree,

I am me, let me be.

Balance is what I need to just be.