"The ability to see earth as a planet."


Watch the video above first before reading on.

There is great force in the habit of taking the space I live on for granted. It is hard to consider earth as a living and breathing planet, even if I am aware of the truth to that fact. I am aware that earth is a planet, but what I am disconnected to is appreciating earth as something that is alive.

In acknowledging the living aspect of earth, I am allowing its beauty to broaden the space from where I operate. It is an emergence of a new kind of awareness; it is the emergence of a collective understanding of my role as a person living in the world. Instead of seeing myself as a separate entity amongst my surroundings, I am renewed to a united perspective where I am only a spec within a collective occupying earth.

The segregation developed through the years of human evolution is starting to come to a halt. People are starting to realize the unity of the earth and all its occupants. I live as part of a nation, part of a gender, as a human and not an "animal," those are the old assumptions. I forget I am also the same to my counterparts all over the world who are one and the same as I am, we are all human beings living amongst other living beings.

As a human on this planet I am responsible to care for the life that I am given, the life that is sheltering me, comforting me, and sustaining me. A radical urgency for change is needed in order to help this life that harnesses itself and all its inhabitants in the interest of all living beings. I am forever in debt to the earth, as it is the reason I have a life to endure.