Keep Life Living


Breathtaking Salzburg, Austria. - Photo by Me. 

The mission is to keep life alive, to elevate the necessity to nurture and care for the inner human spirit, existing within us, as it is the source to keep life alive. 

It is easy to fall into the routines of life. The longer routines are kept, the harder it is to leave it behind. Fostering an optimistic and creative inner spirit goes beyond living an inspired life. The condition of each human spirit is a reflection on the enjoyment and appreciation for what life has to offer. Each life needs to remember the value in creativity and spontaneity, for when either is absent, the excitement for life diminishes and the human spirit is left deflated.   

Each individual spirit is different, as every person is different. Whether it means to stay within the confinements of where the rest of society sits, or whether it means to jump into discomfort and live against the currents, there is no right or wrong answer. The aim is to maximize what life offers up through a creative and spontaneous spirit; extending a command of the human will to celebrate what life has to offer and investing in a generous energy into maintaining a festive spirit, which will continue to celebrate an enduring life. 

Here is an inspiring story about what the human spirit is capable of.