Decisions Are Game Changers


The gravity of a decision or decisions differ in the minds of individuals. There are varying perspectives on the inherent power a decision can lead to, differences in how one goes about a decision, what one classifies as a decision, or whether decisions are easy or a constant battle with indecisiveness. Where people fall under such criteria is not what’s peculiar or fascinating, rather what I find compelling about decisions are the sheer power decisions can have in one’s life. Even the most spontaneous of decisions, made in a split a second, can create ripples in my life. Let’s face it, decisions are game changers!

I may be stating the obvious here, but decisions are part of our daily contemplations. Decisions are so essential to our specie, that the human brain even possesses the capacity to make decisions unconsciously (say hello to the subconscious mind! No stopping my brain choosing to dream about flying frosty donuts last night. Oh, that was a lovely decision brain. Hats off to you!) In a sense, sometimes the process towards a decision may operate within the subconscious. With such operative capacities, doesn’t the importance of decisions become crystal clear?

When it comes to decisions, especially in terms of life habits, it is not enough to make a decision without considerations of my environment. If I decide I want to commit to at least three days of yoga a week, but I either don’t have access to a yoga teacher, class, or studio, then that decision is invalidated as it is unrealistic for me to start a yoga routine without access to yoga (unless of course, in the world of technology, yoga through apps have become very popular). But again, it all comes down to a decision. In this case, a decision about my level of realistic commitment. Recognizing the context and environment of my daily decisions is what has helped bring success to healthier pursuits.  

Environment is a major component to decisions which I had dismissed as important before. Just like the availability of a yoga studio to help me commit to a yoga routine, the environment I surround myself with (this includes the activities I do, the friends I am around, the job I choose, etc.) matter a whole lot when it comes to healthy decisions. Think about it, it really doesn’t help to have a bag of chips lazing around in the pantry if the intent is to avoid such foods.

Before becoming a trainer, I worked at a startup for a fitness app and platform. The company’s culture and employees thrived in a healthy lifestyle environment, so it became easy to maintain a healthier lifestyle. At my previous jobs, where commitment to health and wellness varied between individuals, I was judged for my healthy meals. A lot of people thought, eating healthy meant I was dieting and trying to lose weight, when in fact I ate healthy to feed my body proper nutrition. It wasn’t about weight loss, it was about feeding my body right. Eating healthy is a decision I choose to make (I admit it’s not one I make  all the time everyday) for my body. Without a clear understanding of my intent, it becomes hard for some to understand why I choose to eat a healthy bowl of grain and salad versus a plate of fried noodles.  

Recognizing the power of a decision and the environmental influences around has transformed how I approach healthy decisions. It’s easy to blame ourselves when we give in to, let’s say, cravings or societal pressures (“why aren’t you eating any french fries or having more beer”) but I’ve realize how important it is to also always reevaluate the subconscious operations which influence my decisions; whether by the environment or by my introspective reactions. Taking a step back and identifying what aspects in my environment propelled me to make less than ideal decisions about my health and eating habits is time well spent.