Reaching For The Impossible


The question, "what will you do with your life if money were no object?" tends to come up in conversations.

Photo by The Happy Hue - at the tips of Mammoth Mountain, CA

It is a daunting question which reflects the vastness of the world. The multitude of possibilities laid out for reach. In truth, there is nothing limiting anyone in this world. Almost nothing is absolutely impossible (other than humans flying maybe - but yet we see the invention of the flying squirrel suit which propels thrill seekers for an opportunity to fly). The constructs society has taught us is what creates an arbitrary boundary of limitations.

Without the adoption of these constructs, integrated from the viewpoints of societies, life is like an open field with horizons stretching to infinity. If you pay attention to the diversity of human existence, of the lives each individual person lives, or observe the fluctuations to every existence; the concept of limitless opportunities is more understood. What limits the actual capacity of possibilities exists within an individual's mind. The restrictions of 'what is accepted' and 'what is expected' is engraved into the way a person operates in the world. But, if every human to ever walk this earth succumb to such limitations, then there might have never been the first man to ever climb El Capitan? The first man on the moon? 

Any limitations or feelings of restraint in which alludes a person to behave in a limited manner screams of societal bondage. Built up over generations of evolution, such mindsets are grounded in an artificial manifestation within an individual's worldview stretching across all cultures without prejudice.

When understanding the true capacity of human capability, most things aren't actually impossible. The world exists in the limitless. When considering the “impossibility” of space travel or, like what the late Steve Jobs pointed out, video calls, which were fantastical imaginations of cartoonists of the Jetsons, is now a real technology. It is human nature to problem solve. It is human nature to conquer advancements. Inventions will never cease as long as time continues to unfold. 

The situation to consider though is, although most things is actually impossible, not everything is achievable right now. It will take time and human evolution to allow for innovation to breed what now seems impossible, but the potential is uncapped and unpredictable. It will take time to achieve the dreams one wishes to attain, but it is never impossible. The natural human strife to keep progress alive through inventions is an indication of an ongoing process which will make reaching what seemed impossible always possible, at some point of time when the opportunity arises.